Budget and the Economy

The past decade has seen impressive growth in the Texas economy, with a low-tax, business friendly environment, we have much to be proud of. However, this year the Legislature chose to spend 26% more than they did during the previous biennium. This kind of fiscal irresponsibility threatens the foundation of Texas’ success by leaving little in state bank accounts during a time of economic turmoil. As a State Senator, I will always fight to pass a budget free of accounting tricks and decline to pass on debt to future generations. I will also fight to repeal the business franchise tax and end corporate subsidies that choose winners and losers in private business.


Senate District 10 is blessed to be a diverse community. Our children deserve an education that can prepare them for higher education or the workplace. In Tarrant County some schools are a model for success while others fail to meet even basic academic standards. The state must continue to work to reform our public schools, implementing more accountability standards and merit-based compensation for our educators. Most importantly, the Legislature must find a way to reach out to students in failing schools, enabling parents to chart their child’s course and locate a school that can meet their academic needs. The Texas Senate must also continue to work to enable charter schools to innovate and grow, providing opportunity for both gifted and underprivileged youth.


Washington has fundamentally failed to fulfill their responsibility to secure the border and protect American lives. As Texans, our position is unique. With over 1,200 miles of border with Mexico, we must act to prevent not only illegal immigration but also the horrific crimes of drug and sex trafficking that occur daily. The Texas Legislature must continue to provide resources to law enforcement and arm them with the manpower and technology to combat these realities, making our communities more secure and saving innocent lives.

Sanctity of Life

The defense of the unborn is very personal for me. My husband Phil and I are the proud parents of Tori and Faith, whom we adopted through the Gladney Center in Fort Worth. This session I was proud to join thousands of conservative activists in peacefully supporting pro-life bills in the Texas Legislature. The people of Senate District 10 deserve a Senator who respects all human life. In the Senate, I will fight to keep Texas tax dollars from going to Planned Parenthood or any organization that provides abortions. I will also oppose any federal incursions into Texas designed to mandate that citizens purchase healthcare covering elective abortions.

Second Amendment Rights

In Texas, we hold our liberties dear. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution states in plain English, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Unfortunately, we find this right under attack like never before. In the Texas Senate, I will stand firm with gun owners at every opportunity defending their right to defend themselves and their family. I will oppose any attempt by the Legislature to grant themselves special rights before granting those same rights to law abiding Texans.


The federal government has exploded in size over the last five years, interfering in the way states run themselves. Obamacare is causing insurance rates to skyrocket and family doctors to flee their profession. There will be desperate attempts from Washington to “fix” something that must be completely repealed. While this might seem like an issue relegated to the halls of Congress, nothing could be further from the truth. Washington will try repeatedly to pass costs on to states, promising to “expand coverage” for the many while sticking Texas with the bill. As your Texas Senator, I will oppose the false promises of Medicaid expansion and resist any and all federal healthcare mandates Washington might try to impose on Texans.