Texas Budget

During my first term, I was proud to support two state budgets that constrained growth to the rate of population plus the rate of inflation, which has long been the “gold standard” for conservative budget writers and economists. Even with this strict limit of growth to the budget, we fully funded enrollment growth in our public schools by adding billions of new dollars, funded state border security operations at historic levels, and put billions more dollars into non-tolled highway projects. As your state senator, I am committed to using the same measuring stick for all future budgets as well. The state must live within its means while prioritizing core functions of state government, which are: public education, transportation infrastructure, water infrastructure, and public safety.



Government does not create jobs, businesses and entrepreneurs do. As a former small business owner, I understand that fact clearly. Texans and the economy are best served when private sector businesses are flourishing and providing jobs, and individuals are able to start businesses with limited government interference. I will continue to support free market policies, low taxes and low regulations which will enable the private sector to thrive. I will also continue to root out and stop the practice of corporate welfare by government, which takes hard earned taxpayer dollars and gives it to private businesses. This not only undermines free market principles, but puts politicians in the business of picking winners and losers in the marketplace, which is not the function of government.



Senate District 10 is blessed to be a diverse community. Our children deserve an education that can prepare them for any number of possible future endeavors, including college, the workforce, or entrepreneurship. Across Tarrant County, we have schools that are models for success while, unfortunately, some fail to meet the academic outcomes we demand for our children. The state must continue to support, and if necessary, reform our system of public education. Most importantly, we must find a way to help reach students in failing schools by empowering parents who can best advocate for their child and their communities. I also stand proudly with home school families across Texas and will fight to preserve their rights at every turn.



Our federal government has fundamentally failed to fulfill its responsibility to secure the national border and oversee a sane, rational system of immigration into the United States. As Texans, our position is unique. With over 1,200 miles of border, we must act to prevent not only illegal immigration but also the horrific crimes of drug and sex trafficking that occur daily due to an unsecure border. During my first term, we funded state border security operations to their highest levels ever, and we must continue to provide any and all necessary resources to law enforcement to make our communities more safe and to protect the lives and property of Texans.


Sanctity of Life

The defense of the unborn is very personal for me. My husband Phil and I are the proud parents of Tori and Faith, whom we adopted through the Gladney Center in Fort Worth. Before becoming your State Senator, I was an activist who proudly joined thousands of like-minded advocates for life down at the State Capitol to support commonsense legislation. Now, I am privileged to defend the foundational right to life every day in my capacity as a legislator.


Second Amendment Right

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution could not be clearer: “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Unfortunately, we must be vigilant as this fundamental right is under constant assault. In the Texas Senate, I will continue to stand firm and fight against any attempt to curtail our 2nd Amendment right by the state or by the federal government. I will also actively oppose any attempt by the Legislature to grant themselves special 2nd Amendment rights before granting those same rights to law abiding Texans.


Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice reform is an issue I’ve been proud to lead on. With bipartisan support Texas has begun to lead the way in smart reforms to the criminal justice system that are improving our society. What separates great nations from others is the rule of law. I believe that public safety and the promotion of law and order is a cornerstone of a safe, democratic society. However, government systems possess numerous inefficiencies and flaws, and when our system of criminal justice has the power to deprive citizens of their liberty, property, and even life, we must be extremely cautious and critical. I will continue to support and author reforms for non-violent offenses so our system does not over-criminalize and does not create onerous barriers to employment for those who have paid their debt to society.