2017 Session Policy Preferences


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1) What area of the Texas budget needs to be prioritized the most next session?
2) In your opinion, what are the two best ways to promote your 2nd Amendment right? Please select only two responses.
3) What types of reforms to the local property tax system would you support? Please select all that apply.
4) What do you believe are the two most effective ways to impact illegal immigration in Texas? Please select only two responses.
5) Do you support the practice of cities, counties, and other political subdivisions of the state using taxpayer dollars to hire lobbyists?
6) What do you believe is the best way to improve our public schools?
7) What do you believe are the two most important pro-life bills for the Texas Legislature to pass next session? Please select only two responses.
8) Should Texas and its subdivisions continue to provide large businesses with tax abatements and taxpayer dollars to move or build new facilities within the state?
9) What should the Texas Legislature do with the funds amassed in the "Rainy Day Fund?”
10) Does the state require you to obtain a license to legally practice your profession?
10a) If yes to Question 10, what profession is it?
10b) If you answered yes to Question 10, do you feel that the licensure requirement should be done away with?
11) Do you currently look to your local newspaper or other local publications for notices on public hearings of your local governments?
12) How much flexibility should a local government have for the use of voter-approved bond monies?
13) What are your top two priorities for transportation? Please select only two responses.
14) In your opinion, what are the two biggest threats to private property rights across Texas? Please select only two responses.
15) In a few words, what is your single highest priority for the Texas Legislature to tackle next session?

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