Capitol Update – Fighting for SD 10


With six weeks down already in the 84th Legislature, it’s time for a progress report! My staff and I have been hard at work down in Austin for the people of Senate District 10, and our reform-minded, conservative agenda has already been making waves.

One of the first policies our office decided to implement was putting an end to taxpayer-funded lobbying. Though many are unaware of this practice, hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars are spent on lobbyists each session. Everyone has a right to representation and to advocate for their ideas in Austin, but billing the people of SD 10 for lobbying is simply not good government. Our new policy caught the attention of media here in Texas and all over the nation, and we intend to continue setting an example on this and other government transparency issues.

We’re not content to simply talk about protecting your hard-earned tax dollars, so we are planning to partner with Representative Matt Shaheen of Plano in the coming weeks to file the Senate companion to his bill on this matter, HB 1257

Working closely with Governor Abbott and conservatives in the Legislature, my office also plans to file legislation that would prevent tax dollars in the state of Texas from being used to enforce or implement the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. The President’s healthcare legislation has been an unmitigated disaster, fraught with glitches, delays, and skyrocketing premiums for insurance holders. Texans have spoken on this issue, and we’re working hard in Austin to forge a better path in contrast to the out of control federal government.

Working away from home during the week continually reminds me of the importance of family, especially our youngest and most vulnerable Texans. With that in mind, I intend to promote an aggressive agenda to protect young Texans, both born and unborn.  I want to be perfectly clear, all Texans are welcome in our office. Both myself and my staff stand ready to hear your concerns. I hope you’ll support our efforts to stop government from hiring lobbyists to lobby government and encourage your other elected officials to support this reform measure.


Many of you will be familiar with the “Stand for Life” footwear I chose to wear during our swearing in ceremonies. Our office is working closely with pro-life organizations to file legislation to increase protection for the unborn in Texas. In addition, we already have filed several bills to help young Texans fight back against those who would do them harm and  bring justice to those who would prey on them.

Senate Bill 390 will ensure child victims in the State of Texas will be given top priority in court during trial. Far too often childhood victims are forced to wait years for their case to make its way though the court system. Rather than forcing children to wait for justice, SB 390 will move their cases to the front of the line where they belong. Senate Bill 614 will also protect our children by increasing penalties for child kidnappers in Texas. In addition, in the coming weeks my office will also file legislation to standardize the process by which sex-offenders in Texas must register, to increase public safety and protect children.

I hope you’ll stay in touch with our office over the course of the 84th Session. First and foremost our priority is to ignore the “Austin way” of doing business, and to serve the people of Senate District 10. Our office number is (512) 463-0110. You can also share your concerns and ideas with us at our State website or feel free to drop by our Capitol office, GE.7, any time you’re in Austin.


Thank you for your continued support,
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