Hot Take: Political Charades and Water Breaks

Texas is hot in the summer. Everyone knows this and yet liberals and their media arm are spouting off like […]

Hot Take: Legacy Media Cherrypicks Facts to Defend Lefty Professor

The sewer pipes of Twitter were teeming with righteous indignation and bloviating from legacy media types after Texas A&M University […]

Hot Take: Legacy Media Stupid Takes Abound Regarding SCOTUS Rulings

The 2022-2023 term for the U.S. Supreme Court concluded last week with landmark rulings delivered on affirmative action, student loan […]

Hot Take: The Media Eats Crow as Lab Leak Theory Becomes Widely Accepted

Remember the days of the pandemic, the one that supposedly started with a bat at a wet market and snowballed […]

Hot Take: Legacy Media Strikes Out While Striking

Nothing gets the liberal media’s juices flowing like a good labor strike, they eat that crap up. They love it […]

Hot Take: National Media Gets Texas Wrong Again… And Again… And Again

Ever notice how national media outlets can’t seem to get our Lone Star State right? One look at their writing, […]

Hot Take: Legacy Media More Interested in Policing Words Than the Border

Who would have thought that someone whose entire job it is to describe current events in writing would police which […]

Hot Take: Your Tax Dollars Are Being Used to Fund Woke Media

Did you know that your tax dollars go to left wing “nonprofit” news organizations? Did you know that a lot […]

Hot Take: Republicans Need to Lead on Property Taxes, Not Bicker About It

Everything is bigger in Texas and — as every homeowner knows — that includes our property taxes. Texans have long […]

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