Hot Take: This is Newsworthy to Newsweek?

Nobody loves the sound of their own voice more than the legacy media. But now they’ve found a way to […]

Hot Take: Austin’s NPR Wants to Censor Views on Property Tax Relief

Surprise, surprise: I’ve got another bone to pick with the media. Not only do they want to push more fake […]

Hot Take: Celebrating 5 Years of Trusted Texas Journalism

I can hardly believe it, but it’s been five incredible years since we launched The Texan. As we celebrate this […]

Hot Take: How The Texan is Serving Readers with Our Newsletters

As many of you are aware, the left-wing legacy media is extremely guilty of pushing their own ideological agendas. You […]

Hot Take: Escape the Echo Chamber — Introducing The Texan’s New Analysis Newsletters & Podcasts

It’s no secret that the media landscape today is filled with bias, spin, and shallow analysis. Too often, we find […]

Hot Take: Quality Election Coverage Doesn’t Take a Goliath Newsroom

If you know me, you know I hate with a burning passion how government bureaucracies waste taxpayer dollars. But bureaucracies […]

Hot Take: List of The Texan Endorsements in the 2024 Primary Election

The long-awaited list of endorsements from The Texan’s editorial board is finally here: That’s right. There are no endorsements listed, […]

Hot Take: End of a #txlege Era

If you’ve read my Hot Take long enough, you’ve certainly read my laments regarding the Texas Tribune, an Austin based […]

Hot Take: Texas’ Bruising 2024 Primary is in Full Swing

The 2024 primary in Texas is already a brutal one, and there’s only more chaos to come. We haven’t even […]

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