Can you help me?


It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since we took back Senate District 10 (SD 10) from Wendy Davis. Together, we were able to replace a very radical, liberal Democrat and I was honored you chose me to represent our shared principles of limited government, personal liberties, and free-market economics.

You spoke loudly and sent me to Austin to fight for those conservative principles and my record shows I have!

Predictably, there are Democrats who have already announced they are running for this senate seat. Two Democrats have officially launched campaigns and we expect more to come. This doesn’t surprise me. The Democrat Party of Texas has declared SD 10 their number one target.

They’re going all-in to try and replace me with another big government liberal like Wendy Davis!

The stakes are high. SD 10 is the only senate seat in the entire state that could swing Republican or Democrat in the general election.

If we do not keep this seat, many of the critical issues the people are demanding action on, like property tax reform, would fail. Last session, every Democrat voted against the property tax reforms I co-authored. We were able to get it to the floor and pass it out of the Senate by only a single vote.

I need your help.  Please invest in me again. Please donate to my campaign.

On June 30th, we have a hard reporting deadline. Our opponents will be watching closely. We need to show that citizens like yourself are signing up, and our campaign has a significant amount of cash on hand.

You can give $5,000, $2,500, $1,000, $500, $50 or $10truly every dollar matters.

Please consider a contribution before this very important deadline. I cannot do this alone. Your past support has meant the world to me. I hope I can count on your continued support of this campaign and the conservative principles we fight for. Thank you!

In Liberty,

P.S. Join my text message alert system for updates on what’s happening in SD 10 and on the upcoming special session by texting KONNI to 97000!