“I’m proud to endorse my good friend Konni for State Senate. She’s a tireless, unwavering warrior for the conservative cause. Konni is a fighter and will serve the people of Texas well. I urge voters in her district to support her.”
Senator Ted Cruz

“Konni Burton is a long-time friend and tireless fighter for liberty, we’ve stood side by side on the campaign trail many times, and I hope the people of Senate District 10 will join me in supporting Konni for the Texas Senate.”

Rafael Cruz

“Konni Burton is dedicated to protecting innocent life from conception to natural death. She is strongly committed to pro-life values of Texas. We hope that pro-life Texans across District 10 will unite behind Konni Burton’s campaign on March 4th.”
Dr. Joseph Graham, President – Texas Right to Life

“As a citizen-activist, Konni Burton has proven herself to be a strong conservative leader willing to fight for taxpayers and make government accountable to the people. Konni has been a tireless champion for the commonsense values Texas families hold most dear. Konni Burton is a fighter who won’t back down when bullied by Austin’s special interests.”
Michael Quinn Sullivan, President – Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

“I am pleased to support Konni Burton for Senate District 10. Her conservative values, her commitment to community service, and her limited government philosophy will serve this district well in Austin.”
Congressman Kenny Marchant, Irving

“Konni Burton is one of the strongest conservative leaders in Tarrant County. She’s a fiscal and social conservative who can articulate our values in a way very few can. I’m proud to endorse her campaign and look forward to serving alongside her in the Texas Legislature.”
Representative Jonathan Stickland, Bedford

“Konni is the kind of conservative leader Senate District 10 needs. I’ve campaigned alongside her, fighting for the conservative principles people want to see in Austin. She has my endorsement for Texas Senate, and I can’t wait to work with her in the Legislature.”
Representative Matt Krause, Arlington

“Konni Burton is a proven conservative fighter. She’s ready to take on the Democrat machine in November, and I’m proud to support her campaign. We need conservatives like Konni Burton in the State Senate. I encourage all my friends to support her on March 4th.”
Representative Bill Zedler, Arlington

“The race for SD 10 comes down to who can take the fight to the Democrats in November. Konni Burton has been running a grassroots campaign second to none. Her leadership during my campaign for the Texas House and her efforts to elect Senator Cruz are proof positive she’s got what it takes to win.”
Representative Giovanni Capriglione, Southlake

“Konni Burton is a strong conservative who will fight to ensure we end subsidies to illegal immigrants and control government spending in Austin. She’s not only the strongest conservative in the race but also the most qualified. She’s just the kind of candidate we need to take back Senate District 10 from the Democrats. The grassroots are excited about her candidacy and ready to get to work.”
Representative Pat Fallon, Frisco

Representative James White, Tyler

Representative Jodie Laubenberg, Murphy

“Konni Burton is working day in and day out to win back SD 10 for the people of Tarrant County. I’m excited by her energy, and know her conservative principles are exactly what we need to send to Austin. I’m proud to endorse Konni, and I hope Republicans will continue to unite behind her campaign to take back SD 10.”
Commissioner Gary Fickes

“I have known Konni for several years. She is a great conservative. I have worked with her on conservative causes and she goes all out dedicating her time, talents and resources. She will do anything needed to support her candidate or cause. I support her because I know she will make a great State Senator.”
Robert Smith, NE Tarrant Tea Party*

“Texas desperately needs leaders who will actively work for – not just talk about – limited government, economic liberty for all, and driving special corporate interests out of the Capitol. Konni Burton understands state government needs to steer clear of piling more debt on future generations of Texans because she knows “borrow and spend” is just as bad as “tax and spend.” For commonsense leadership that won’t play games with your money and your liberty, support Konni Burton for state senate. I am.”
JoAnn Fleming, Grassroots America*

”Konni Burton has been investing in the grassroots in Texas for years. I was proud to work with her to elect Ted Cruz and I know she will stand on conservatives principles in the State Senate.”
Drew Ryun, Madison Project PAC

“Konni Burton understands the importance of fighting for our children and the rights of their parents. We share a common priority, the education of our youth. I know Konni will stand strong for Texas values and making education better for each and every Texan. Konni has the moral foundation to be a leader in the Texas Senate. She is an experienced business woman, adoptive mother, committed Christian and she has my full support.”
Tim Lambert, President – Texas Home School Coalition*

“Konni Burton is one of the hardest workers in the conservative movement. I couldn’t be more excited about her run for SD10. Conservatives are united behind her, and we’re ready to win in March and fire Wendy Davis in November!”
Janna Easton, NE Tarrant Tea Party*

“I’m proud to endorse Konni. As a personal friend and someone who’s been in the political trenches with her for a number of years, I can think of no one better to send to Austin to fight for Texas values.”
Allan Solmon, NE Tarrant Tea Party*

While Wendy Davis has been busy raising money in Washington D.C., buddying up to lobbyists and the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Konni has been hard at work on the campaign trail. This race won’t be bought by outside money but by voters motivated to defend the sanctity of life and economic freedom. That’s why I am proud to endorse Konni Burton for Senate.”
Toby Marie Walker, Waco Tea Party*

“Konni has worked for conservatives for years. During that time she’s been a tireless warrior for changing the way Austin does business. Texas will have a choice in the next few years, to continue and improve on the economic policies that have made us the envy of the nation or to follow the path of California or Detroit, leading to financial ruin. Tarrant County is behind Konni Burton, and I can’t wait to see her work ethic on display in Austin.”
Marie Howard, Boiling Point Tea Party*

“If passion and principle are what you look for in an elected official, I strongly urge you to support Konni Burton as the Republican nominee for Texas Senate District 10. I do.”
Adrian Murray, Fort Worth 9/12*

Steve Hollern, Former GOP County Chair

“Konni has the support of the Tarrant County grassroots. When we face off with whoever the Democratic candidate is next year, I want Konni Burton leading our fight in SD 10. Her integrity and conservative principles are unmatched, and I trust her to fight for the principles Republican activists believe in.”
Natalie Genco – Area 3A, JP Precinct 3 North of 26:

Darl Easton – Area 3B, JP Precinct 3 South of 26

Nina Speairs – Area 5A, JP Precinct 5 North of 30

David Helt – Area 5B, JP Precinct 5 South of 30

“There is only one candidate in this race who is a GOP worker and activist for conservative values. I’m proud to endorse Konni, and I’m encouraging precinct chairs and primary voters to get behind her as well.”
Don Shipe – Area 6A, JP Precinct 6 North of Granbury Rd

Sybil Lane – Area 6B, JP Precinct 6 South of Granbury Rd

Dave Wylie – Area 7A, JP Precinct 7 West of Cooper

Kent Kallmeyer – Area 8B, JP Precinct 8 South of Business 287


*Organizations listed for identification purposes only

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