FreedomWorks Endorses Konni Burton

I am excited to announce the endorsement of  Freedomworks PAC. As the nation’s top conservative grassroots coalition, Freedomworks has been at the forefront of the movement to replace career politicians with candidates who will follow the constitution and practice fiscal responsibility.

I’m excited to be endorsed by the Freedomworks team, it was Freedomworks that worked so hard to train and motivate grassroots Republicans in recent years to get involved in what’s going on in Austin and Washington.

Matt Kibbe, President and CEO of Freedomworks offered this in their endorsement, “Konni Burton is a conservative force to be reckoned with. Konni recognizes that regulations and taxes have real consequences for families, and she will put in the work to make sure Texans are being heard in the State House. FreedomWorks PAC believes Konni Burton is the only conservative choice and a welcome upgrade to replace Wendy Davis in the State Senate.”

The folks at Freedomworks know Texas is the battleground in turning back the big-government, high-tax agenda of the Democrats. I’m proud to have Freedomworks on our team as we get out the vote in SD-10.