Hot Take: BLM, Fuentes Are Two Sides of the Same Anti-Semitic Coin

Is it really that difficult to oppose terrorists who slaughtered innocent people and beheaded infants solely because they are Jews? For some people, apparently it is.

The terrorist organization Hamas conducted a ground assault against Israel over the weekend, killing over a thousand people — and the reactions to it in certain corners, while predictable, have been appalling. The Chicago chapter of Black Lives Matter posted a graphic stating “I Stand With Palestine” and it included an image of a person parachuting.

That’s a grotesque reference to one of the ways Hamas carried out the attack: paragliding into a rave where thousands of people — most Jews, some foreign nationals including Americans — were gathered. The video is shocking, paragliders strapped with rifles landing amongst a crowd. Chaos ensued and a lot of innocent people lost their lives. Hamas claimed responsibility and it was later reported that Iran and Lebanon aided the terrorist group.

It wasn’t just BLM who backed the terrorists. A statement by various Harvard student groups said they “hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence.”


Members of “The Squad” — far-left Democrats in Congress — either took forever to condemn the attack or have yet to say anything about it. One video shows Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib being repeatedly asked to condemn it by a reporter and she couldn’t be bothered to say a damned thing.

Beautifully, both chambers of the Texas Legislature unanimously — meaning all Republicans and Democrats, passed resolutions condemning the attack and backing Israel’s right to defend itself and to exist. I applaud the two chambers for these resolutions that are just common sense.

But why is it so hard for too many others to do the same?

The radical left has long given quarter to antisemitism, but it’s unfortunately reared its ugly head of late on the right. Take Nick Fuentes, the disgusting internet provocateur whose presence in the state has sent Texas politics into disarray — read about that here. Fuentes loves to spew hateful and disgusting things about Jews, Israel, Hitler, the Holocaust and women.

Yet someone found him worth meeting with?

In what world could anything good be gained from that? He’s been roundly criticized and denounced by both the political right and political left — that’s how horrible he is. 

Fuentes, BLM, “the Squad,” and everyone else who holds their views on this massacre are two sides of the same coin.

Those who associate with him are tainting themselves beyond repair.

Israel is going to hit back against Hamas, and hit back hard, as they should. Fuentes and BLM should be given the boot from every political discussion they ever try to parachute into. 

That they aren’t shows a serious lack of discretion and basic common sense.