Hot Take: Escape the Echo Chamber — Introducing The Texan’s New Analysis Newsletters & Podcasts

It’s no secret that the media landscape today is filled with bias, spin, and shallow analysis. Too often, we find ourselves drowning in a sea of sensationalism and half-truths, struggling to find the real story amid the noise.

But fear not! We’re about to shake things up even more at The Texan.

This week, we’re introducing a new lineup of newsletters for our subscribers, which are designed to break the echo chamber and provide you with the critical analysis you’ve been craving.

And on top of that, we’re launching three new podcasts!

Our readers have grown accustomed to our reporters’ no-nonsense fact-telling about the news in Texas politics.

With these newsletters and podcasts, they’re taking it a step further to give you valuable insights and analysis they’ve gleaned from watching our political landscape like hawks.

This isn’t your biased commentary and shallow analysis from talking heads on cable news. These newsletters and podcasts are a much-needed antidote to the media’s echo chamber, giving you reliable insights from reporters who just want you to be informed with a grounded perspective on current events.

Five of our new newsletters will go out weekly:

  • Monday: Laws might get made under the dome, but in this newsletter, Matt Stringer will give you a glimpse of where they’re put to the test in The Docket.
  • Tuesday: Bills work their way through the Texas legislature with the first, second, and third reading. But for a deeper look at the environment where those laws are made, Brad Johnson will give you the weekly scoop on Texas politics in Fourth Reading.
  • Wednesday: With modern society’s ever-shortening attention span, Cameron Abrams will take a deeper look at the first principles underlying hot cultural and political issues — more nuanced ideas that tweets and sound bites leave effectively Redacted.
  • Thursday: With 38 apportioned representatives and the constitutionally mandated two senators, Texas’ congressional delegation is the second largest in the nation. In The 40, Daniel Friend will give subscribers the latest updates on DC from a Lone Star perspective.
  • Friday: Ever wonder how the sausage gets made in our newsroom? Have burning questions about stories we’ve written or politics writ large? Straight from the Editor’s Desk, our Senior Editor McKenzie DiLullo gives you a glimpse into The Texan’s day-to-day operations with this weekly newsletter.

Three more newsletters will go out monthly:

  • “Unprecedented.” We seem to use that word now more than ever. But what if the past was just as wild as the present? Rob Laucius looks back at the old days, good and bad, that show we’re actually living in Precedented Times.
  • If you’re a Texan, you know there’s a lot more good in the world than the doom and gloom that steals the headlines. Kim Roberts will give you some monthly medicine for the heart in The Bluebonnet Bulletin, highlighting encouraging stories in the Lone Star State.
  • Ever wondered how political decisions trickle down to everyday life? Holly Hansen delves beyond the headlines to uncover how policy affects people, examining the Ripples.

And lastly, we’ll be launching three new podcasts, building upon our Weekly Roundup:

  • Like a mini-version of our Weekly Roundup, we’re launching the Daily Rundown to give you a brief synopsis of the latest news in Texas politics.
  • Peel back the curtain on Texas politics as Senior Editor McKenzie DiLullo and Senior Reporter Brad Johnson take a monthly deep dive into the state’s political machinations. They’ll give you an analysis on the behind-the-scenes maneuverings that are shaping the future of Texas in our Smoke Filled Room podcast.
  • Our reporters love to dive deep into the latest intriguing political debates circulating across the internet. From long-form articles to compelling podcasts, you’ll hear a constant phrase in our office: “Send Me Some Stuff.” In this monthly podcast, reporters Brad Johnson and Cameron Abrams are going to unpack their perspectives on…all of that stuff.

These newsletters and podcasts aren’t about pushing an agenda or telling you what to think. Instead, they’re about giving you a deeper understanding of Texas politics.

So if you’re tired of being fed the same old spin, join us as we break the echo chamber and shine a light on the truth.