Hot Take: List of The Texan Endorsements in the 2024 Primary Election

The long-awaited list of endorsements from The Texan’s editorial board is finally here:

That’s right. There are no endorsements listed, because The Texan doesn’t endorse candidates for any office. And frankly, it absolutely astounds me that any media organization thinks they should.  

Contrary to what media elites believe, endorsing political candidates should never be on their to-do list. If their mission was truly to be an unbiased news organization, they’d realize that endorsing always exposes their bias. But mostly, I think it’s just another way that they show their arrogance. 

Voters are absolutely capable of determining for themselves whom they should vote for. And any newspaper editorial board who thinks otherwise needs to climb down out of their ivory tower and realize that the citizenry doesn’t need, nor want to hear, who the mere 3 to 5 individuals who serve on that board think they should vote for.

When Benjamin Franklin was asked after the Constitutional Convention what form of government America would be, he said, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

What he meant was that it in order for our form of government to work right, the people who wield the ultimate power at the end of the day — us, the voters — need to use that power responsibly.

But just like any responsibility, staying informed does require hard work on our part. 

At The Texan, our team strives to help Texans like you in your journey to become the well-informed voter that Benjamin Franklin would be proud of.

We make it as easy as possible to subscribe so anyone can have complete access to all of our articles, podcasts, and newsletters breaking down the complicated web of political power and nuanced policy debates that will give you knowledge of the laws and the lawmakers behind them.

The Texan will not tell you who you should vote for, but will strive to give you the information and resources you need so you can make your own informed decisions at the ballot box.

The Texan reporters have tirelessly reported on the laws the legislature passed (and the ones they didn’t) over the last legislative session, and now they’re currently hitting the road to report on campaign events across Texas.

From competitive primaries in North Texas, candidate sparring in Harris County, court of criminal appeals candidate’s legal battles, to the effort to oust Speaker Dade Phelan, The Texan’s reporters are giving you a front-row seat to the most pivotal campaigns across the Lone Star State.

You can find their latest articles by visiting the elections tab on The Texan’s website, or use the search function in the top right-hand corner to find articles about the candidate or official you’re researching.

And if you want a birds-eye view of everything at stake, check out The Texan’s War Room for a comprehensive list of the top races to watch or review the Texas Partisan Index to see which way every district in the state tends to vote. 

Or if you just need a quick way to find information on sample ballots and voting locations, find your home county on this list of election administrator websites.

This election will shape what the ballot looks like come November, and the winners of the general election will in turn shape the policy that affects Texans like you and me.

So if you haven’t already, subscribe to The Texan, do your research, and go be an informed voter!