Hot Take: Media’s Appeals to Made-Up Authority

The legacy media loves pushing ideological narratives and one of the most common ways to do that is by finding an “expert” with an official sounding name to say whatever it is they need, to advance a particular narrative.

Take this example from KTSM in McAllen, entitled: “Report: ‘Overzealous and reckless’ chases by Texas troopers endanger border communities.”

First of all — that title! To start off with the premise that it’s the Texas troopers who are putting the community at risk rather than the fault of those crossing the border illegally which is causing the troopers to respond, is just absolutely insulting to the intelligence of the reader.

Second, within the article, the “expert” states: “Texas’ Operation Lone Star is maximizing chaos, fear, and human rights abuses against Texans and migrants, which might be a cynical way to win political points but is not a responsible way to run a government,” says the expert whose expertise is so expertly defined by her own level of expertness.

Really, that “expert” is just a partisan activist employed by an official-sounding organization paid to issue such declarations. The expert here is Alison Parker, a deputy U.S. director at Human Rights Watch.

When you deploy hyperbole as much as this person does, you show your true colors. Operation Lone Star is far from perfect, but it’s a response to a very real and serious problem of a porous southern border — a border that the Biden administration has shown little interest in protecting, and at the expense of the safety and security of Texas citizens, I might add.

Here’s another example of the media’s “expert” bias in this Houston Chronicle story titled: “As Texas Republicans warn of terrorists trying to cross the border, experts say it’s very unlikely.”

The “expert” cited by the Houston Chronicle is Cato Institute analyst, Alex Nowrasteh. While Cato is a libertarian organization, it loves generally open migration. And since that’s the viewpoint of the Democratic party today, it’s a match made in heaven for a mainstream media quote on this issue!

The article explains that Senators Cruz and Cornyn sent a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas indicating their concerns that terrorist threats could play out as a result of more than 72,000 “special interest” aliens apprehended along our southern border.

The article is summed up at the end by quoting Nowrasteh stating: “A lot of the fears in Congress of this are based on what could happen. To ground our expectations about what could happen, we need to take a look at what has happened, and this type of thing has never happened.”

Huh. Interesting. So according to this “expert” the thought that nineteen Al Qaeda terrorists could hijack four commercial airplanes to purposefully fly them into the pentagon, the world trade center towers, and the White House resulting in the deaths of 2,977 people here on our own soil could not have happened because that “type of thing has never happened” before?

My advice — be suspicious when the mainstream media deems someone an “expert.” They seem to have become nothing more than hand-picked ideologues that support the moment’s narrative.

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