Hot Take: Quality Election Coverage Doesn’t Take a Goliath Newsroom

If you know me, you know I hate with a burning passion how government bureaucracies waste taxpayer dollars.

But bureaucracies aren’t alone in wasting money.

The mainstream media isn’t much better, and The Texan’s productivity this week proves that.

Quality election coverage doesn’t take a Goliath newsroom. It takes dedication, foresight, and a commitment to delivering the news that matters.

While our competitors may boast larger teams and bigger budgets, The Texan’s small but mighty team has shown that we can outpace them when it comes to covering the stories that truly impact Texans.

This week was one of the most momentous primary elections in modern Texas history, with numerous incumbents being unseated and several more including the Texas House Speaker being forced to a runoff.

But we saw the writing on the wall long before the votes were cast and were prepared to cover this pivotal moment in Texas politics.

Gov. Greg Abbott championed the fight for school choice last year during the legislative session and when some House Republicans blocked the bill he wanted to sign, he put his money where his mouth was during the campaign season.

Dozens of lawmakers faced tough primaries and met their fates at the ballot box.

While many incumbents touted their anti-school choice positions as “representing their district,” their districts had a different opinion on the matter.

The Texan’s reporters were ready to go when the results started pouring in.

Just this week alone, we published over 50 articles covering the major results of the election across the state—over twice as many as our competitors who also focus on Texas politics.

And we didn’t just sit behind our desks, churning out stories from press releases.

Our reporters hit the road, attending election watch parties, interviewing candidates, and providing our readers with a live, on-the-ground look at the unfolding events.

Even with the non-stop writing and reporting, the team still put out their usual Weekly Roundup Podcast, giving a free, in-depth look at the most pivotal results of the primary.

In an era where big donor-funded media conglomerates dominate the landscape, The Texan stands as a testament to what can be done with just a little.

We may not have the resources of the big players, but we have something they don’t: a relentless commitment to delivering high-quality, unbiased news to the people of Texas.

And we’re just getting started.

To start the rumor here first, we’re about to unveil a slate of new products that will help our subscribers navigate the complexities of Texas politics with even more ease.

So the next time you hear someone say that quality journalism requires a massive newsroom and a bottomless budget, remind them of The Texan. We may be small, but we’re strong—and we’re not afraid to take on the giants.

If you haven’t already, join us on our mission to provide Texans with news you can trust.