Senator-Elect Burton Condemns President Obama’s Planned Executive Amnesty


November 20th, 2014

Senator-Elect Burton Condemns President Obama’s Planned Executive Amnesty Ft. Worth, TX – State Senator-elect Konni Burton today released a statement condemning President Obama’s lawless actions granting amnesty to those in the US illegally.

“I’m tremendously disappointed, but not surprised, in the President’s planned amnesty announcement this evening,” stated Burton. “We’ve got Obamacare, and with the stroke of a pen the President is about to give us Obamagration. Unlike the healthcare law, the American people won’t need time to sour on the President’s executive order granting amnesty. It was President Obama himself who declared, ‘Elections have consequences’. Despite the overwhelming rejection at the ballot box of the President’s policies, tonight he will go forward with a plan to grant amnesty to millions.”

Burton, Senator-elect for Texas Senate District 10, campaigned in both the GOP primary and general election on holding Washington accountable and doing everything possible inside the Texas Legislature to secure the border. Recent polling has indicated Texans of all backgrounds support a plan to secure the border and oppose amnesty for those here illegally. “These unilateral measures by the President are a slap in the face to immigrants who, in good faith, have followed our immigration laws, waited in line for years, and paid thousands of dollars in fees and requirements to live the ‘American Dream,’” continued Burton. “Immigration is an enumerated power of Congress, not a political plaything for the President. President Obama should respect the wishes of the American people and the Constitution rather than desperately hunt for a legacy armed only with a phone and a pen.”