Supreme Court Rules on Texas’ Pro-Life HB 2


The Supreme Court of the United States issued its ruling today on the omnibus pro-life bill, HB 2, the Texas Legislature passed in the summer of 2013. You will certainly remember it as the pro-life bill that Wendy Davis orchestrated her last minute filibuster against. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court today did what Wendy Davis could not by striking down, in a 5-3 majority, two key provisions of the bill that were specifically designed to improve the quality of care women received at these clinics.

But even in view of this SCOTUS decision, HB 2 remains a stunning victory for the unborn as the bill’s prohibition on abortion after five months of pregnancy stands and has not even been challenged in courts. While the left may cheer the ruling today, the work of the Texas Legislature in HB 2 has undeniably advanced the cause of life in our state. We must never relent; we must never be deterred. Every inch is quite literally the difference between life and death, and the unfortunate victim of today’s ruling was the quality of care a woman seeking an abortion may receive. How ghoulish are those who joy in this.

I was not in office when this bill was passed, but I was a declared candidate running to take back SD 10 from Wendy Davis and the Democrats. I was proud the Texas Legislature was standing up for women and the unborn and continuing to promote a culture of life in our state. Rest assured that so long as I hold this seat, no senator from SD 10 will ever stand against the right to life again.

In Liberty,