Tea Party and 9/12 Endorses Konni Burton

Today, Konni Burton continued to establish herself as the clear alternative to Wendy Davis in announcing strong support from conservative activists across Texas, largely from inside Senate District 10.

Janna Easton endorsed Konni saying, “Konni Burton is one of the hardest workers in the conservative movement. I couldn’t be more excited about her run for SD10. Conservatives are united behind her, and we’re ready to win in March and fire Wendy Davis in November!”

Allan Solmon endorsed Konni Burton saying, “I’m proud to endorse Konni. As a personal friend and someone who’s been in the political trenches with her for a number of years, I can think of no one better to send to Austin to fight for Texas values.”

Toby Marie Walker endorsed Konni saying, “While Wendy Davis has been busy raising money in Washington D.C., buddying up to lobbyists and the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Konni has been hard at work on the campaign trail. This race won’t be bought by outside money but by voters motivated to defend the sanctity of life and economic freedom. That’s why I am proud to endorse Konni Burton for Senate.”

Marie Howard said, “Konni has worked for conservatives for years. During that time she’s been a tireless warrior for changing the way Austin does business. Texas will have a choice in the next few years, to continue and improve on the economic policies that have made us the envy of the nation or to follow the path of California or Detroit, leading to financial ruin. Tarrant County is behind Konni Burton, and I can’t wait to see her work ethic on display in Austin.”

A full list of Tea Party and 9/12 individuals endorsing Konni can be found below:

*Organization names for identification purposes only

Janna Easton – NETTP Board/steering committee*
Fran Rhodes – NETTP Board/ steering committee*
Charlie Levitt – NETTP steering committee*
Allan Solmon – NETTP Board/steering committee*
Bob Smith – NETTP Board/steering committee*
Donna Smith – NETTP Board/steering committee*
Ellen Lopez – co-founder NETTP*
Toby Marie Walker – Waco Tea Party*
Amy Knickerbocker – Dallas Tea Party*
Phillip Dennis – Dallas Tea Party*
James Dickey – Dallas Tea Party*
Chuck Molyneaux – McKinney Tea Party, Tea Party Caucus Advisory Committee*
Dale Huls – Clear Lake Tea Party*
Mary Huls – Clear Lake Tea Party*
Felicia Cravens – Houston Tea Party, Tea Party Caucus Advisory Committee*
Darl Easton – FTW 9/12*
Deborah Grimes – FTW 9/12*
David Lambertson – FTW 9/12*
Nina Speairs Ph.D. – FTW 9/12*
JoAnn Fleming – We the People, Grassroots America*
Marie Howard – The Boiling Point Tea Party*
Rachel Delgado – Galveston County Tea Party*
Toni Fabry – Frisco Tea Party*
Tom Fabry – Frisco Tea Party*
Bob Hall – Canton Tea Party*
Darcy Karhoff – Katy Tea Party*
Rachel McKim – Dallas County Tea Party*
Scott McKim – Dallas County Tea Party*
Ray Myers – Kaufman County Tea Party*
Joline Tate – Garland Tea Party*
Kelly Canon – Arlington Tea Party*
Robert Gonzalez – Co-founder of the Clear Lake Tea Party and current Vice-Chair*
Sharon Hall – TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee*
Lynette McCracken – Vice President, Parker County TEA Party*
Suezette Griffin – President, Pearland TEA Party*
Pedro Rivera – Vice President, Pearland TEA Party*