Texans for Fiscal Responsibility Endorses Konni Burton!

You’ve probably heard about the fantastic momentum our campaign has heading into Christmas. This month we’ve taken the Democrats to task for their misguided economic policies and continued our strategy of grassroots campaigning despite the cold temperatures.

Today, I’m excited to announce the endorsement of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility!

In their endorsement, TFR President Michael Quinn Sullivan had this to say:

“As a citizen-activist, Konni Burton has proven herself to be a strong conservative leader willing to fight for taxpayers and make government accountable to the people,” said TFR president Michael Quinn Sullivan. “Konni has been a tireless champion for the commonsense values Texas families hold most dear. Konni Burton is a fighter who won’t back down when bullied by Austin’s special interests.”

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is the premiere conservative watchdog in Texas, making sure politicians stick to their promises of keeping taxes low and government limited. Please share this excellent news by spreading the word on social media!