Why I’m Running

Our government is out of control. It is neither fiscally responsible, nor limited and the rule of law is flagrantly ignored. As a grassroots activist, I’ve been in the trenches trying to educate others on the unsustainable U.S. government debt – $16,827,427,184,539.43 (and climbing) and how our personal liberties contract as government grows. Unfortunately, what I learned along the way is that this fight is not just limited to Washington. Legislators at the state and local level act too much like their D.C. counterparts.

Because of this, I have worked hard at the state level as well. I have been boots on the ground for conservative candidates – working to get them elected to the State House and Senate. I have also worked with many conservative grassroots groups to activate and mobilize others and am on my second legislative session with the Tea Party Caucus Advisory Committee that travels to Austin on a regular basis. I’ve seen first-hand how legislators, on both sides of the aisle, grow government bureaucracies, while ignoring our state’s long term fiscal problems. We need strong public servants who will champion true reform and stand on principle. We must stop our state government from going down the same path as Washington D.C.

Our country is running on fumes. We must make Texas strong so that we can weather this storm. This is why I’m running for Texas State Senate in District 10.

As a State Senator I will:

1. Defend the taxpayer during the Texas budget negotiations.

2. Protect the citizen’s Economic Stabilization Fund from being used for things that should be priorities in our budget.

3.Work to reduce the state’s dependence on federal dollars.

4. Fight for children and their parent’s right to choose the best school for their child. If we force parents to keep their kids in failing schools, we are failing those Texas families.

5. Eliminate state crony corporatism funds that pick winners and losers in the marketplace.

6. Prevent the implementation of ObamaCare in Texas.

7. Ensure that our 2nd Amendment Rights will NEVER be infringed upon.

8. Protect our Texas values of life and the family unit.

These are issues that concern all Texans and I need your help to fight for them in the State Senate. Like us today on facebook or donate $25 to make your voice heard in Senate District 10 and across the state of Texas.

In Liberty,

Konni Burton