You Need To Know


The legislative session is approaching its final phase, and there is much you need to know about the good things happening in Austin for SD 10 and all Texans. The Texas Senate has been hard at work and soon we will begin considering the bills we have received from our colleagues in the Texas House.

Here are a few highlights of the priority bills the Texas Senate has passed out thus far:

SB 1 – Conservative state budget that does not tap Rainy Day Fund
SB 2 – Sweeping property tax reform
SB 3 – Targeted school choice program
SB 4 – Eliminating “Sanctuary City” policies
SB 6 – Codifying longstanding bathroom policies statewide
SB 8 – Prohibiting partial-birth abortion and fetal tissue sales
SB 9 – Stricter state spending limit (Population times Inflation)
SB 11 – Major CPS reforms
SB 12 – Grant program to provide protective vests for police
SB 16 – Significantly lowering cost for a handgun license
SB 17 – Franchise tax reduction
SB 19 – Freezing college tuition and controlling future growth

We still have much work to do before the last day of session. I will continue to fight for taxpayers and common sense, limited government principles until the legislature heads home!

In Liberty,

P.S. I have been sending text message alerts on priority bills for SD 10 as it happens to keep folks up-to-date throughout session. So, grab your cell phone right now and text KONNI to 97000 to join in!