Hot Take: How The Texan is Serving Readers with Our Newsletters

As many of you are aware, the left-wing legacy media is extremely guilty of pushing their own ideological agendas. You see this with the type of stories they report and how they report them.

You also see it with what they conveniently don’t write about.

For instance, if you only paid attention to left wing media, you’d be certain that the climate is everyone’s number one issue and we’re all going to die tomorrow from it. Oh, and the border is secure. And the Hunter Biden laptop story? Crickets.

Unfortunately, many right wing media sites are becoming just as guilty of these very same tactics, but from a right of center perspective. And while that might sound like a breath of fresh air to some people on the right, the problems remain the same, regardless of what side of the aisle it’s from.

Both media models are self-serving because they strive to make the reader see things a certain way – their way, by ignoring some stories or pushing some out ad nauseum, giving the reader a very skewed perspective at all the various issues that are happening and important to our state.

But The Texan is different. You’ve seen that in the almost 5 years of our existence. We don’t push an ideological agenda. We inform, from an unbiased perspective so our readers can have a full understanding of what is going on in Texas politics. We don’t tell you how to think, but strive to give you all the facts.

I wrote in my Hot Take a few weeks back about some exciting new content coming out of The Texan – our new Newsletters!

And now that we have a month’s worth of newsletters published, I have to say that I am so dang amazed and impressed by each and every one of them! It’s just phenomenal stuff.

And unfortunately none of it was my idea. I can take exactly zero credit for all these beautiful new offerings available to our readers. And really, that makes me happy. It just goes to show what a phenomenal team we have at The Texan. They’re all smart, hard working, dedicated and just brilliant at what they do. If you haven’t started reading their newsletters, get to it! 

I’ll highlight our senior editor McKenzie DiLullo’s newsletter “From the Editor’s Desk” here because I think it gives a great glimpse into why The Texan is different. Not only does she give you an inside look at the stories behind the stories, but also how our reporters think through in great detail, not only political happenings in Texas, but everything! And it also shows the genuine camaraderie of our team, which I think is important.

You can read what McKenzie chronicled in her newsletter here.

I LOVED reading June’s email response when she read her newsletter, “You guys are fun. Your erudite discussion over basically a nothing topic (Texas weather) calls to mind the phrase ‘argue like a Philadelphia lawyer’ (e.g. will stop at nothing to win the point). Clearly your team thinks through all sides of a topic. I’m glad I subscribed.”

Carol, another subscriber, has also enjoyed this new inside-look from McKenzie: “I contemplated why I liked this so much…. It’s real. It’s life. Frankly, it’s like a Seinfeld episode via email.”

While our senior editor’s newsletter gives a glimpse into the office life, our other newsletters give our reporters a way to expound on what they cover with a little more analysis — a deeper dive into different issues in our news and culture.

Here’s what each newsletter is about:

  • Monday: Matt Stringer gives a rundown of news from the judiciary in The Docket
  • Tuesday: Brad Johnson unpacks scoops on Texas state politics in Fourth Reading
  • Wednesday: Cameron Abrams dives deep into the philosophy underlying hot cultural debates in Redacted
  • Thursday: Daniel Friend highlights the latest to watch from a Texas perspective in Congress in The 40
  • Friday: McKenzie DiLullo’s inside look at The Texan, unwrapping the stories behind the stories in From the Editor’s Desk
  • Monthly on Tuesdays: Holly Hansen examines how policies affect people in Ripples
  • Monthly on Thursdays: Rob Laucius takes a look back at how Texas history relates to today in Precedented Times
  • Monthly on Sundays: Kim Roberts relieves us with some good news in The Bluebonnet Bulletin

And thank you to Mitch, another subscriber who said: “The news is complicated and I very much appreciate the in-depth facts analysis that make sense of it. I too am grateful that I became a subscriber and this news organization has survived becoming ‘Austinized”.

I couldn’t agree more! 

If you’re already a subscriber, you can get all of these newsletters by just updating your email preferences here or access them with your account on our website here

If you’re not a subscriber yet or a subscriber who wants to encourage others to get this great content from genuinely great folks, visit or pass along the link to our subscription page!

We couldn’t do what we do without our subscribers, and because of that I am so grateful to each of you who have joined us on this journey to provide readers with fact based reporting that keeps you informed!