Why I Stand with Konni Burton

There are a lot of reasons to support candidates seeking elected office. Sometimes it’s because they have a unique perspective on specific issues you care about, sometimes they have the support of many people you respect.

There are some occasions however, when you have the privilege of knowing someone so well that your support goes beyond a political issue. Konni Burton is someone I am supporting because I know she is someone of integrity and character. I know she has the courage to stand against the political winds regardless of the enticements of the special interests. I know she stands for the fiscal and social conservative values I hold, and I know she has a level of conviction rarely found in public servants.

If passion and principle are what you look for in an elected official, I strongly urge you to support Konni Burton as the Republican nominee for Texas Senate District 10. I do. Check out where she stands on issues and consider making an online donation today.

Adrian Murray
Fort Worth Business Owner & Grassroots Leader