HOT TAKE: Gun Grabbing

Contrary to what the mainstream media or Democratic presidential candidates may tell you, we do not live in a direct democracy. However, you wouldn’t know that based on the mob mentality that seems… Continue Reading

HOT TAKE: Smoking & The Nanny State

Did you know that, as of today, yet another nanny-state law enacted and passed by our Austin ruling class goes into effect? Yep. From this day forward, all 18-year-old Texans can no longer… Continue Reading

HOT TAKE: Government-Funded Pre-K

It’s time for another KB’s Hot Take where I give you my thoughts on the issues facing Texas from the perspective of a citizen, political activist, and former conservative legislator. In my first piece, I talked… Continue Reading

HOT TAKE: The Texas State Budget

The 86th Texas legislative session is complete and the dust has settled enough that we can scrutinize what exactly the folks in the pink dome have given us. That means it’s time for… Continue Reading